BTS Had To Choose Dance Moves To Showcase Their Charm In “Permission to Dance,” And Here Are Their Picks

It’s perfect for ARMYs as well!

BTS is not only known for their fantastic singing and music, but they’re also spectacular dancers! After the release of “Permission to Dance,” BTS created the P. to. D PROJECT for ARMYs across the world to join in and dance to the track! The group recently released a video for that project where they answered some questions about themselves and ARMYs.

As well as trying to guess what ARMYs loved the most about them, BTS also had to pick a move that they thought showcased their charm. Here is a look at their picks…

1. Jin

Like his cuteness, Jin wanted his point move to showcase this adorable charm. For him, it doesn’t matter whether you can dance well or not. It was all about being cute and feeling the music rather than focusing on executing the dance moves perfectly.

2. Suga

Whenever Suga is on stage, he is effortlessly cool, and that was reflected in the dance move he chose to reflect his charm best. Suga explained to the members that they had to stand still and zone out, but the key point was keeping their mouths open while dancing to “Permission to Dance.”

3. RM

While the rest of the group tried to adapt to the current choreography, RM wanted to do something that stuck to who he was as a performer: his signature kick. Yet, although ARMYs know it well, RM explained that their expression needed to be sincere and bashful.

4. J-Hope

J-Hope isn’t known as one of the group’s best dancers for no reason. When it came to his charming move, J-Hope said it was “dancing hard while popping.” Yet, being BTS’s happy virus, the move had to be done with a cute and lovely expression which was enough to melt ARMYs heart.

5. Jimin

Like J-Hope, Jimin is known for his spectacular dancing skills that are elegant, effortless, and charismatic. For Jimin’s move, he looked at the choreography from “Permission to Dance” and the part where the members push their hair back. Yet, instead of following that move, Jimin wanted the members to push their hair down cutely.

6. V

After explaining that he has a new honest image, V wanted his moves to reflect that. Like Jin, V preferred the idea of dancing to the song in any way you want and even went as far as saying that the members should go freestyle but in formation.

7. Jungkook

After the members and ARMYs praised BTS’s maknae for his charm, Jungkook wanted a move that showcased his beautiful smile. Yet, the key point was that the moves were powerful and enthusiastic, showcasing the message behind the song.

You can watch the whole video below.



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