20 BTS “Dispatch Reveal” Memes That Deserve To Be Headlines 

Did you know J-Hope is “dating” RJ?

On New Year’s Eve, Dispatch revealed a new celebrity coupleT-ARA‘s Hyomin and soccer star Hwang Ui Jo. The reveal came later than many fans anticipated, but fans entertained themselves with memes while they waited. Here are 20 of ARMY’s best BTS x Dispatch memes!

1. We hope Jin approves!

2. It’s been two hours…

3. Breathing fine

4. This unexpected yet unsurprising report

5. The saga continues

6. What’s Suga up to?


8. Jin, shipping himself with himself since 1992.

9. Busan Boys

10. Drake’s “In My Feelings” challenge, but out of context.

11. What do Hwasa and RM have in common?

12. Honestly, we’re kind of jealous.

13. When it’s a slow news day

14. Can’t break a promise, sorry.

15. The “breaking news” we absolutely need

16. I’m leaving! I’m leaving!

17. “Help me.”

18. RM and his 32 dates


19. Congrats!

20. What does he recommend?