Here Are 9 BTS Moments That Will Make Any ARMY Emotional AF

#7 is too much. 😭

Over the last decade since BTS‘s debut, there have been tons of emotional ups and downs. While there are too many moments to list all of them here, check out just a few that will certainly tug at any ARMY’s heart strings!

1. The 2018 MAMA “Artist of the Year” speech

Feel free to rewatch it whenever you need a good cry.

2. The “Born Singer” performance during BTS BEGINS

It’s painful, but the good kind of painful.

3. When all of BTS was crammed in their old dorms

Started from the bottom and now they’re here at the top!

4. Helping their poor older women during Hope Delivery

Their sad stories brought the boys to tears.

5. Winning their first Daesang in 2016

Everyone remembers where they were when they first heard the news!

6. Thinking of how much they care for their fans

It’s the little things that remind ARMYs just how grateful they are for them.

7. Their first stadium concert in Citifield

You had to be there to experience that magical and unforgettable night.

8. When RM shows all of the times he believed in BTS as the leader

Comments from haters could never bring him down.

9. The crowd surprising BTS with “Young Forever” at Wembley

The song encapsulates BTS’s entire journey and means so much to the members and to ARMYs.