The BTS Members Were All Asked The Same Question — And Their Different Answers Sum Up Their Personalities Perfectly

The differences between them. 🤣

In separate interviews, the members of BTS were all asked the same question: If you were the Tortoise in the children’s fairytale, The Tortoise and the Hare, would you wake up the Hare? Check out how each member’s choice and reasoning hilariously sums up their personality!

1. RM

RM thinks about things realistically and knows waking up the Hare wouldn’t benefit him.

He ways the pros and cons: As the Tortoise, he’s already penalized with his slow speed, so it’s only right that he doesn’t wake up the Hare!

The Hare will catch up soon after having a good sleep, anyways.

— RM

2. Jin

Jin refers back to a saying he heard a lot growing up.

There’s a saying grown-ups used to say: ‘I’m taking a step closer to my dream while you’re in your dream.’

— JIn

Jin knows working hard gets results so it’s only fair that as the Tortoise, he should be the one to succeed!

3. Suga

Suga’s answer is straight to the point.

Why would I wake up my rival?

— Suga

He has no desire to cross the finish line side-by-side with his opponent.

4. J-Hope

However, J-Hope’s choice is the exact opposite of Suga!

It’s best if we both could win together.

— J-Hope

J-Hope is kind and fair to everyone. He’ll wake up the Hare on one condition: The Hare has to keep his pace with J-Hope since he was thoughtful enough to wake him up!

5. Jimin

Jimin shows that he loves a good laugh with his mischievous side when he says he’ll take a selfie with the sleeping Hare and leave!

However, he then realizes it also would be fun to wake up the Hare and ultimately picks that option.

6. V

V will take any advantage he can get to be the winner.

He’s all business and instantly decides he’ll quickly pass the sleeping Hare and finish the race!

7. Jungkook

Jungkook brings up an important point; Before the race begins, the Hare teases the Tortoise for being slow.

Knowing this, Jungkook deals the Hare some karma!

Then I won’t wake the Hare up!

— Jungkook