BTS Kicks Off 2021 FESTA With 20+ New Family Photos

FESTA is here!

BTS‘s FESTA is here! Every year, BTS celebrates their June 13, 2013 debut with two weeks of fun festivities. From June 2 to June 13, fans are spoiled with new content, including new videos, songs, member profiles, and “Family Portraits.”

FEST schedule | @BIGHIT_MUSIC/Twitter

Check out BTS’s new “Family Portrait” photos here!

1. Rainbow bright

BTS brings pastels to 2021 FESTA with each member wearing a different ice cream color. Lemon? Cherry? Grape? Why choose one favorite flavor when you can stan them all!


2. Caraosel of color

BTS also wore their rainbow fits to hang out on a colorful merry-go-round. This aesthetic combines childhood nostalgia with retro fashion in the best possible way!

3. Wonderful in white

In this set, BTS wears all-white outfits with a few eye-catching differences. Suga ushers in the “Butter” era with his yellow shoelaces while Jimin takes a trip back to “Black Swan” with his feathery accessory.

4. Class is now in session!

BTS rocks the academic aesthetic with their tweet suits and ties. Where is this university and how can we enroll ASAP?


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