8 Times BTS Flexed Their Flirting Skills For Fans…And Each Other

“Do you know BTS? Billboard singer.”

BTS‘s members are just as skilled at flirting as they are at singing! Here are just 8 of the many times they flirted with fans (and each other).

1. Prince of the Stars

V has a talent for melting fans’ hearts with his romantic replies. Recently, he hosted an Instagram Q&A, asking fans to, “Ask me anything!” One fan asked, “Tonight, let’s see the stars together?”

| @thv/ Instagram

In exactly two hours,” V wrote back, “look <at the stars> from over there. I’ll look <at them> from here.

| @thv/ Instagram

Now, like stars in the night, fans are falling for V all over again!

2. The new “Netflix and chill”

This list started with sweetness. Now, how about a little spice? For his Instagram Q&A, Jungkook asked fans, “What’d be good for me to do right now…

| @jungkook.97/ Instagram

One fan was willing to risk it all! They asked, “Do you want to eat ramyeon with me?” and Jungkook replied, “Do you want to eat ramyeon before you leave?” The equivalent slang, in English, would be, “Netflix and chill,” which (spoiler alert) involves zero chilling and very little Netflix.

| @jungkook.97/ Instagram

Rather, “Netflix and chill” implies physical intimacy on date night. Jungkook played along with ARMY then shared the latest Korean “Netflix and chill” slang. “These days,” he wrote. “it’s ‘Do you want to come see my cat’… hehe.” (Just so we’re clear, pet lovers, there is no cat. Probably…)

| @jungkook.97/ Instagram

3. Make a wish…

V isn’t the only celestial flirt in BTS! On Weverse, a fan asked RM if he was going to watch the shooting stars predicted to take place that night. Rather than giving a straightforward answer, RM wrote:

| Weverse

To me, the comments you all send are shooting stars..💫

Hmm this isn’t it

— RM

His comment was a bit cheesy, even for him, but sincere. If RM did see a shooting star, he would wish for ARMY!

| Weverse

1. Meeting ARMY

2. The same as above

— RM

4. Sexy bros

Last November, J-Hope went on a replying spree on Weverse. Rather than commenting on fans’ posts, however, he “flirted” with his members. When Suga shared this handsome selfie, J-Hope complimented his “sexy,” hair color.

Suga | Weverse

| Weverse

Your hair color is sexy bro

— J-Hope

J-Hope also commented on Jin‘s selfie. In it, Jin posed with BTS’s trophy from the American Music Awards. 

Jin | Weverse

| Weverse

Does this hyung not age…?

— J-Hope

5. Jin’s flirting style? Dramatic AF.

On Weverse, Jin proved, once again, that Worldwide Handsome is also Worldwide Hilarious!


When a fan shared a gif of Jin blowing a heart-fluttering kiss, they had no idea he would reply to it. “A kiss that kills many people,” they wrote. “Are you okay after getting this kiss? Hahahahaha.”  

| Weverse 

Jin replied with a smooching sound, “Mwah~” but the fun was just getting started.

| Weverse

When this fan raised the bar with this leJindary post, Jin match the mood as only Jin can.

| Weverse

“If I walk,” he wrote. “even the desert sheds tears at my handsomeness so that an oasis will be created.”

| Weverse

6. That time Suga flustered Jimin like it’s his job.

More often than not, Suga and Jimin are bickering, but fans captured a rare, flirty moment during a fan meeting. Suga announced that he doesn’t like mochi (rice cakes). (“Mochi” is one of Jimin’s most popular nicknames.)

Then Suga turned to Jimin and, holding his gaze, said, “But Mochi isn’t bad.” Jimin’s reaction says it all!

7. The world’s luckiest fansite

During the Idol Star Athletics Championships, an annual sporting competition for K-Pop idols, Jimin spotted his fansite in the bleachers and gave them some one-on-one flirting time!

Are we jealous? Absolutely. Life is so unfair.

8. Suga’s ultimate pick-up line

In a 2017 interview with Billboard, BTS was asked to drop their “go-to pick-up lines.” Suga boldly said, in English, “Do you know BTS?” 

He followed this up with, “Billboard singer,” making his members crack up.