Here Are 10 Hilarious BTS Moments That Will Never Feel Real

They were so extra in #4! 🤣

The BTS members are known for their hyper energy and chaotic sense of humor — and that’s part of what makes them so loveable to ARMYs! Constantly getting into mayhem, some of the hilarious stuff they do may seem like a dream…but it’s all very real. Check out just a few of the funniest moments below!

1. On Suga’s birthday, they revealed his true age.

2. Hearing their voices from behind the scenes was GOLD.

3. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

4. This bug is luckier than me.

5. When they start twerking at a concert, all bets are off.

6. As if the red carpet wasn’t bright enough, this is what they wore.

7. Jin has absolutely no shame in his chicken game.

8. BTS did, in fact, recreate their childhood photos…and it was the most iconic thing ever.

9. When little maknae Jungkook proved himself to be the best flirt.

10. Fact: Jimin is small and cute like a baby.