17 Of The Most Hilarious BTS Moments That Are Guaranteed To Make You Wheeze

#4 is so chaotic! 🀣

The BTS membersΒ know exactly how to brighten anyone’s day! Check out some of the funniest moments below that will make you crack up with laughter.

1. This compilation of Jimin and Suga teasing each other endlessly

2. J-Hope’s reaction to Jimin scaring him in a dark, empty house

3. V’s story about his gold fish

4. The biggest plot twist of the century

5. When J-Hope didn’t know his forbidden word

6. When Jimin, Jungkook, and Jin all tricked V

7. When they were faced with zombies

8. When RM had no idea what was going on

9. BTS freezing at the beginning of every live stream

10. This legendary moment from Jimin trying to be cool

11. The difference between drunk Jungkook and J-Hope

12. RM’s reaction to the candles going out

13. Jin’s reaction to V kissing him on the cheek

14. V giving Jimin the scare of his life

15. RM singing Bruno Mars like this

16. This chaotic concert moment

17. When they didn’t realize their mics were on backstage