Who Is He? Here Are BTS’s New Nicknames From The 2022 GRAMMY Awards

The people demand answers.

At the 2022 GRAMMYsBTS slayed the stage with “Butter” and earned new nicknames from “locals” (the general public)Here are the nicknames locals used this year to find out the members’ real names!

BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter

1. “The One With The Cast”

Jin is recovering from a hand injury, but that didn’t stop him from turning the red carpet into his runway or from putting on a killer performance.

In fact, some locals might have been grateful for his cast. It helped them track down his true identity!

2. “The Blonde”

HYBE, please close the gyms. RM is getting far too big for locals to miss! GRAMMYs viewers definitely noticed this blonde-haired heartthrob.


3. J-Hope is…

…safe from the locals this time? On Twitter, fans joked about “gatekeeping” J-Hope from inquiring minds. (It’s easy to see why!)

Did it work?

J-Hope might not have a new nickname, but as always he dazzled on stage. He ate up the choreography and recovered from a near-fall so smoothly that many viewers didn’t even notice!

| @Variety/Twitter

4. Suga is…

…also safe? ARMYs were ready to hide Yoongi, aka AGUST D, aka Suga away from the general public like a priceless treasure.


If anyone wants to know his name, well, they had better be prepared to duel for it!

After all, Suga’s line of suitors is already longer than Ticketmaster‘s wait times for BTS concert tickets. One look at Suga in this dashing Louis Vuitton suit, and it’s game over for everyone!

5. “The One With The Glasses”

Jimin‘s look for the GRAMMYs ceremony screamed, “rockstar.” Naturally, locals just had to find out more about the man behind these stylish specs.

Obliging ARMYs shared Jimin’s name, but also his Instagram account. Any locals who check it out will be in for a surprise! For April Fools’ Day, Jimin changed his profile photo to Bang Si Hyuk…and he still hasn’t changed it back.

6. “The Man With The Flowers On His Suit”

made quite the impression on fans and locals alike when he strolled down the red carpet wearing this enormous flower pin.

V | @thv/ Instagram
| @thv/ Instagram

Non-fans used V’s flowers as a clue to find out his identity!

7. “The Man In The Blue Suit”

Like V, Jungkook went viral among locals during the GRAMMYs and earned a few new nicknames.

Jungkook | @jksdgie/Twitter

Say hello to “The Man in the Blue Suit,” also known as “The One with the Piercings” and “The Man in the Middle.”

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Who Is He? Here Are BTS’s New Viral Nicknames From The GRAMMY Awards