10 BTS Hair Edits That Predicted The Future

Dreams do come true.

Minstradamus isn’t the only one who can predict the future! Fans’ edited photos are becoming BTS‘s reality. Here are 10 dreamy hair edits that came to life!

1. Jimin’s long hair

Fans have been editing long, lustrous locks onto Jimin for ages, but now these edits have finally become reality! Jimin wore long, silver extensions that were later cut and blended into his dark hair.

2. V’s blue hair

Does BTS look at fan edits? V does! Fan edits like this one inspired him to dye his hair blue…


…for real.

3. Jungkook’s blue hair

The photo on the left is an edit. The photo on the right is real, and it sparked a “is it blue or purple?” debate that took the internet by storm!

4. Suga’s shag

Suga joined K-Pop’s mullet musketeers for BTS’s 2021 Season’s Greetings.

He also rocked this iconic, feathered hairstyle.

5. J-Hope’s long-awaited “silver fox” look

After years of dying his hair various shades of brown and red, J-Hope underwent an extreme hair makeover in April of this year. We got our first clear look at Silver Hope in HYBE Labels’ “HYBE x Ithaca Holdings” video.

6. Blacktan

In 2018, black-haired BTS edits were everywhere. They were so common, in fact, that some fans doubted BTS’s real black-haired transformation at first!

BTS with edited black hair. | @wordswhimsy/Twitter

All the members dyed their hair black for their LOVE YOURSELF: Tear comeback.

| LG

7. Jin’s purple hair

Fans predicted Jin‘s purple dye job during his pink-haired era. In this photo, Jin originally had pink hair.

Jin | @btskpopfan1/Twitter

This is the reality!

8. The Golden-haired Maknae

Jungkook kicked off 2021 by debuting his new, blonde hair at the 35th Golden Disc Awards. 

9. Reddish RM

RM hasn’t quite dyed his hair this orange yet…

…but the reality came pretty close to it at BTS’s PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LA concert!

10. Winter Prince Jungkook

For BTS’s Winter Package photoshoot, Jungkook wore hair extensions that made him look strikingly similar to a fan’s edit. The photo on the left is an edit. The photo on the right is reality.