10 Of BTS’s Most Hilarious TMI Moments Of All Time

How much information is “too much information” for BTS?

“TMI” stands for “too much information”. BTS‘s members have had many TMI moments over the years, but these 10 might be the best ones so far!

1. When V talked about sweaty underwear

Recently, V revealed what happens to BTS’s undies after dance rehearsals.

2. When Jimin told everybody how V reacts to Jungkook’s shirtless workouts

3. That time J-Hope’s need to pee appeared on live TV

At the 2016 Seoul Music Awards, a camera that was filming the artists’ tables broadcasted J-Hope‘s TMI moment on live TV. J-Hope said, “I need to pee”, not knowing he was on camera!

4. When Jungkook peeked on J-Hope in the shower, just because

To this day, no one knows why this happened.

5. He also informed an entire stadium that his butt was cold

6. At that same concert, V revealed his own TMI: biting his cold sore

7. “Something keeps dangling.”

While learning to twerk, RM experienced some technical difficulties with his, uh, hardware…

8. When J-Hope told everybody what color underwear he was wearing…

9. …and Suga confessed to stealing Jungkook’s

10. When BTS defined “kiss” vs “peck”