BTS’s V Gave Everyone Way Too Much Info About BTS’s Underwear

When you’re family, there’s no such thing as TMI…is there?

To BTS, ARMY is family, so the members should feel comfortable talking about anything in front of them. At least, that seems to be V‘s thinking!

On March 7, BTS went live to do some catching up with fans. To prevent the spread of COVID-19, South Korean music shows are being recorded without live audiences, which means BTS hasn’t seen ARMY in person lately.

In their live, the members discussed promoting Map of the Soul: 7,  shooting music videos, and rehearsing in the US. According to V, BTS practiced so hard that their underwear got sweaty!

As Jimin nearly died laughing…

RM playfully encouraged V to rephrase his comment.

Suga and Jin made suggestions, while RM clarified that “underwear” meant “under all”. As in, all their clothes were sweat-soaked, not just their undies.

Yes. That’s definitely what V meant!

Of course, fans are having a field day with this information. With BTS, there’s just never a dull moment!

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