Who Is HYBE? BTS Fans Only Know “Jin Hit Entertainment” 

ARMYs have some opinions about Big Hit Entertainment’s name change.

Big Hit Entertainment announced that they will be changing their name to HYBE Corporation as a way of rebranding. Many BTS fans, however, aren’t loving the name change, but if there has to be a name change, why can’t it be “Jin Hit Entertainment“? Here are 10+ fans who stan Jin Hit and its “CEO”, Jin!

| @bts_twt/Twitter

1. How the meeting went down

2. The people want answers!

3. They asked and ARMY answered

4. The question on everyone’s mind

5. The votes are in and…

6. Hitman Bang introduces…Jin Hit Entertainment?

7. It’s time to make a call!

8. There. Fixed it.

9. Just hear them out!

10. It’s one or the other. There’s no room for debate.

11. When you’re just trying to get an education, but the world is on fire

12. Everybody else