Here Are 8 Of BTS’s Most Iconic Looks Up Until Now, Since BigHit Entertainment Is Looking For New Stylists

Of course, there’s more than just these 8!

News broke recently that BigHit Entertainment is searching to hire a new styling team. While they are looking for someone who’s both experienced and capable of staying up to date on trends, the company also wants someone who is able to fit the outfits to the artists’ personalities.

While that is underway, here are 8 of BTS‘s most iconic looks up until now, while we bid a potential goodbye to their current team!

1. Jimin, the “Perfect Man”

While this fan seems to have temporarily forgotten about Jimin’s rendition of “Perfect Man”, we definitely haven’t! His simple black tee and skinnies made a huge impact.

2. Dior and J-Hope

Was this brand made for him or what?

3. This all-white look from Jungkook

He looks like an absolute prince!

| @jkkfashion/Twitter

4. Blue silk and Chanel

Okay, so we’re a little bit biased, but he looks gorgeous in every outfit.

| @jkkfashion/Twitter

5. Majestic, absolutely majestic

RM looks so regal in this cape-like outfit.

| @namtiddies/Twitter

6. “Daechwita”

We know, we know. But this entire era was so iconic for Suga that we have to include it. He rocks the whole olden day, traditional Korean concept.

7. All black V

Perhaps the anti-thesis to Jungkook’s earlier all-white look. V looks stunning in crisp black. The opulent earring makes it all the sexier.

8. Jin’s “Car Door Guy” look

Last but definitely not least, we have Jin’s black coat and turtleneck. We had to pick this as this was the look that earned him that nickname.

We’ll be sad to see the current team of stylists switch things up, but we’re also looking forward to new faces to bring new colors to BTS’s iconic style!