Big Hit Entertainment Is Looking For New Stylists And Fans Couldn’t Be More Excited

The agency is looking for a stylist switch up!

Recently, Big Hit Entertainment posted a job listing looking for new “Visual Creative Stylists” for their company.


As for qualifications, they are looking for someone who has both styling experience and a firm grasp of the trends.

| Big Hit Entertainment

We are looking for someone that can present and guide a concept that fits the Big Hit artists’ sense of style and trend. They need to be able to understand and catch the latest trends of various products/brands/concepts and use that to style the artists during promotions. They need to be able to communicate well with brands and staff in order to bring the best styling on set. They also need to be able to create different styles to match the artists’ character and bring them to life.

— Big Hit Entertainment

This comes as good news for the fans of Big Hit Entertainment’s artists, as they have requested many times for stylists to bring more attention to the stars’ outfits.


Previously, BTS’s stylists were under fire for dressing the members in ill-fitting clothing for their photo shoot for TIME magazine as the Entertainer of the Year.


More recently, the stylists were under fire again for more ill-fitting outfits at the 35th Golden Disc Awards.

| @bighit_official/Twitter

Netizens couldn’t be happier at the news:

  • “Finally!!!”
  • “Please I won’t ask for anything more…just please tailor their clothes correctly at least.”
  • “I am so happy!!! My wish has come true!”
  • “I was so mad at their styling recently, I hope they do their job this time.”
  • “Please dress our singers up better!”
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