Here Are BTS’s Ideal Dating Types, Based On Their New MBTI Profiles

Have their dating types changed with their new MBTI types?

BTS originally took an MBTI personality test back in 2017, but they recently retook the test, and interestingly, many of them had new results! If you believe in the accuracy of such tests, it can be interesting to use them to figure out details of your favorite idols, such as what their ideal dating types might be like! Here are each of the members’ possible types, based on the typical stereotypes of their MBTI profiles.

1. RM & V: ENFP (The Campaigners)

RM and V are both the Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving types. These personality types are highly sociable, often considered to be the “life of the party”, but rather than chasing after socialization for the thrill of it, they are much more interested in making emotional connections with others. They are incredibly independent too, and they aspire to have freedom and creativity in their lives.

When it comes to dating, these types love surprises and spontaneity, so they would enjoy something that they wouldn’t expect or that is decided last minute on a whim. ENFPs would love to go on a spontaneous road trip somewhere new or go on a late-night amusement park date, anything that would give them a sense of adventure. If it also included deep philosophical conversations about life or the future, that would be even better.

2. Jin & Suga: INTP (The Logicians)

Jin and Suga are both the Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Perceiving types. These personality types enjoy all things unconventional, using their own creativity and willingness to explore new and unusual paths to go through life. They are considered the most logically precise type, often coming up with interesting theories from patterns they pick up between people and objects.

The INTP would enjoy a dating life that involves the use of creativity and imagination. They tend to be on the more reserved, quiet side, so something like talking about interesting ideas over coffee or going on a long walk to talk about each others’ dreams and ambitions would be a great idea. They crave a partner who is warm, considerate, and kind.

3. J-Hope: ESFJ (The Consul)

J-Hope is the Extroverted, Sensing, Feeling, and Judging type. This personality type is very people-focused and loves being part of a social community. They are extremely encouraging of their friends’ endeavors, and they love to provide insight and guidance. They also tend to be very popular, often taking the spotlight and trying to make sure that everyone around them is happy!

The preferred dating style for an ESFJ would involve a fair amount of traditionalism, but also have some excitement and adventure — for example, starting out with dinner and a movie, but afterwards doing something fun and spontaneous such as a midnight swim or horseback riding on the beach! Communication is also key for these types, so being authentic and respectful towards each other is a must.

4. Jimin: ENFJ (The Protagonist)

Jimin is the Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging type. These personality types tend to be warm and love helping others, and have a natural charisma and passion for what they care about. They thrive on guiding others in working together to better their communities and themselves, and are unafraid of speaking up when they think something needs to be said.

This type would want to go on dates that are deep, rich, and authentic, and allows them to experience these feelings with their partner. They want to get to know what makes the other person tick, and to explore their minds and get to know them on an intimate level. However, they also crave a bit of adventure, so anything that would also get their blood pumping would also be enjoyed!

5. Jungkook: ISFP (The Adventurer)

Jungkook is the Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, and Perceiving type. This personality type is considered the “true artist” of the types, using aesthetics and design to break past conventional beliefs and traditional expectations in society. They love to experiment with beauty and their own behavior, making them seem very unpredictable even to those they’re closest to.

For this type, they would prefer a date that allows both for quiet moments with their partner as well as moments of activity that keeps the date engaging and interesting but still relatively relaxed. Possible ideas include going canoeing or bowling, or something similar! They want to have a memorable experience and also to be with someone with similar values to their own, which includes desiring to date someone for more than just the physical aspects of it.

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