4 Times BTS Immediately Caught Each Other In A Lie

Jungkook knows when Jimin is telling the truth.

BTS are like family to each other, and they can quickly detect when one of them is lying. Here are 4 times BTS immediately caught each other in a lie.

1. Suga quickly getting caught

It didn’t take long for Suga to get caught lying in a game!

BTS’s Suga

In episode 132 of Run BTS!, the members were split into teams and debated several topics. One topic they debated on was, “Do you eat the rice in the sikhye (sweet rice drink) or no?Jin was on the team for eating the rice in sikhye, and he asked the other team if they eat the rice in gukbap (hot soup with rice).

Suga, who was on the team for not eating the rice in sikhye, told Jin that he doesn’t eat the rice in gukbap. Suga then took it a step further and said that he “doesn’t eat carbs,” such as rice.

V immediately responded by saying that he saw Suga eating carbs not too long ago!

Suga quickly admitted to his lie and laughingly said that carbs are delicious!

2. The members immediately knowing when Jin’s lying

Jin isn’t the greatest liar in the world, and it once cost him a game!

BTS’s Jin

In episode 128 of Run BTS!, the members played a “liar game.” The members picked out a random piece of paper, and all but 1 member would get a paper that had a keyword on it. The one member who didn’t get the keyword would be the “liar.” The “liar” would try to figure out the keyword without getting caught, while the others would have to figure out who the “liar” was. The first keyword they got was related to food, and Jin said, “I think I can answer that without looking at the paper.”

The members then started talking about the features of this food, and when it was Jin’s turn, he said, “People don’t get too divided over their love or hate for this food.”

After Jin gave this vague answer, the members immediately started suspecting that he was the “liar,” and Jin’s face got red! Jin then “defended” himself and said that he turns red whenever people focus on him and that he wasn’t the “liar.”

Not long after, the members guessed that Jin was the “liar,” and they were correct!

3. Jimin snitching on V

V and Jimin are extremely playful towards each other, and Jimin once hilariously snitched on V!

BTS’s Jimin & V

In a karaoke video, the members split into groups to sing for prizes. BTS’s maknae line (Jimin, V, and Jungkook) got paired up, and they won three chances to win prizes. Jungkook drew a photocard, Jimin drew a Bluetooth mic, and V said that he drew the “grand prize.”

While the staff might have believed V, Jimin immediately knew that V was lying! Jimin even mouthed to the staff that V was lying!

V soon got caught, and he couldn’t help but laugh!

4. Jungkook knowing Jimin all too well

Jungkook immediately knows when Jimin is telling the truth.

BTS’s Jimin & Jungkook

In episode 135 of Run BTS!, each member had to hide an item and hope the others wouldn’t find it. Jimin’s item, a pair of straw shoes, got found fairly soon by J-Hope!

At the end of the episode, J-Hope, with the help of the members, tried to deduce the owner of the shoes. J-Hope thought it was Jimin, and Jimin tried his hardest to prove his innocence. Despite this, J-Hope was able to deduce that the shoes belonged to Jimin!

When Jimin was trying to lie that the shoes weren’t his, Jungkook knew that Jimin wasn’t innocent, as he said, “Your tone goes up a lot when you’re innocent and being framed.