Here Are The Meanings Of The Dates And Messages The BTS Members Chose For “In The SEOM”

Mark these dates in your calendar!

For their upcoming game In The SEOM, BTS has written special messages and chose sentimental anniversary dates to share with ARMY. Check out what they came up with below!

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1. RM

RM’s personal message for fans contains a pun featuring Ilsan, the district where he grew up.

  • “Please display the message, ‘The best mountain* is Ilsan,’ when something gets discovered or accomplished on the mountain.” (*T/N: Mountain is san in Korean).
  • “‘Sorry friends, love you ARMY’ 🔔”
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He chose three special dates that hold meaning in his life, including the birthday of one of his best friends from Kindergarten, Dongwon.

May 7th – My friend Dongwon’s birthday
February 1st – Used to live in Unit 201.
April 4th – Hope today’s full of luck.

— RM

RM and his childhood best friends, Dongwon and Dohyun. | @rkive/Instagram

2. Jin

For personal messages, Jin included some uplifting phrases and encouraged players to take a break and stretch after playing for a long time.

  • “You’re the star of your life in this game.”
  • “Let’s keep playing after stretching our backs.”

His special day he wishes to celebrate is perfect for BTS and ARMY’s relaxing island life!

Aug. 12th The first day of BTS’ long vacation

— Jin

3. Suga

Suga decided to leave fans some cute and quirky messages that will make them smile.

  • “ARMY, the soup’s too salty…”
  • “An island. Yes, this is an island. A small island that we made.”

For special dates, he chose three meaningful days that ARMY know by heart!

Jun.13 Bangtan’s birthday

Jul.9 ARMY’s birthday

Mar.9 My birthday

— Suga

4. J-Hope

J-Hope left special messages showing off his personality. Nothing will stop his love of iced americano!

  • “I can’t wait to be at one with the sofa…” -> I’m a homebody.
  • “I could go for some iced coffee…..” -> Just because I love coffee
    ∟ Even if I drink water, even if it’s cold outside,
    I hope my feeling’s and action of (wanting some coffee…) will show through, no matter what I may be drinking.
| @BTS_twt/Twitter

The developers have not yet released J-Hope’s special day he selected for ARMY. Will it be about his solo music, a sentimental day for BTS, or something completely different? We’ll just have to wait and see!

5. Jimin

Jimin left fans a simple and cute message of reassurance. He always does his best to provide comfort!

I’m always here (wave)

— Jimin

For his memorable anniversary date, he chose a special day that marked the beginning of his journey with BTS.

May 12th is the day I first came to Seoul and met the members, and also the day I moved into our shared home.

— Jimin

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

6. V

V shyly asked for compliments in his cute message for fans! He must be showing off his cute side.

Am I cool??? (full of anticipation)

— V

V came up with a clever date of July 7th, representing the 7th color in the rainbow as purple and the 7 members in the group!


Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo “Purple” = 7

Member = 7

— V

7. Jungkook

Jungkook chose heartwarming messages for fans to find and feel comforted by.

  • “The reason for my existence.”
  • “You are my universe.”

Just like Jimin, his special date is also the day he came to Seoul.

110604 (June 4th, 2011)

— Jungkook

| Naver

Source: BTS Island Developer's Log


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