Here Are The 25 Cutest “BTS In The SOOP” Season 2 Moments That Will Make You Soft

#7 is so wholesome! 🥺

BTS‘s In The SOOP Season 2 is full of the most adorable moments that will make any ARMY’s day. Check out 25 of the cutest events from this season that everyone should see!

1. J-Hope attempting to stand up on the unicorn float

2. Jin slaying at “Just Dance” with his iconic outfit

3. V getting playful with Jungkook’s dog, Bam

4. RM getting extremely focused on his game

5. Jimin taking foot volleyball to the next level

6. Jungkook being the best dog dad

7. Suga’s proud smile when the members love his snacks

8. V and Jungkook cooking in the kitchen together

9. J-Hope accidentally falling asleep on the couch

10. RM being a supportive bestie while watching J-Hope

11. Jin looking too cute in that same iconic Louis Vuitton outfit

12. Suga and J-Hope becoming baristas

13. Jimin’s sassy pose

14. Suga’s hilarious attempts to play foot volleyball

15. V having a dance party and making a rainbow

16. Jimin’s scared dance

17. Jin trying to wake up Jungkook and instead cuddling with him

18. J-Hope revealing the touching reason why he’s so interested in building things

19. Everyone’s reactions to the Olympics

20. V being a whole mood trying to get out of bed

21. Jin also being a mood after laying in the sun

22. J-Hope being a human alarm clock

23. Karaoke time in the living room with RM and V

24. BTS struggling to get a group selfie

25. Jungkook and V driving around together