Here Are 20+ Iconic Moments From BTS’s “In The SOOP” Season 2 That Have Happened So Far

Every ARMY has to see #6! 😂

The second season of BTS‘s beloved reality show “In The SOOP” is in full swing and ARMYs can’t get enough of the hilarious, endearing, and chaotic moments! Check out some of the most iconic things that have happened so far.

1. J-Hope swearing at Jimin after he was scared in the abandoned house

2. V proving his prowess as a newbie trumpet player, full of passion

3. Every adorable moment of Jungkook with his precious Doberman, Bam

4. Everyone becoming pro snipers

5. The hilarious foot volleyball tournament and their (lack of) skills

6. Jimin’s iconic sassy pose

7. Every time they sang karaoke

8. Jin’s struggle to make breakfast

9. Trampoline madness time

10. J-Hope looking too good for words in the pool

11. Jungkook’s healing moment and bike-riding time

12. Jimin and J-Hope suddenly becoming chef YouTubers

13. Suga practicing his guitar

14. J-Hope waking V up like this

15. Every time RM worked out

16. 95z gaming until the sun comes up

17. Bugs haunting everyone

18. Suga making meals with love

19. J-Hope and Bam’s naptime

20. Jin slaying at every video game including “Just Dance”

21. The maknae line staying in the rain until they scored a point

22. Everyone’s reactions while watching the Olympics

23. Bam’s uncles showing him love and affection

24. Every barefaced, bed-headed moment in pajamas

25. Endless sports, healing, and laughter!