10 Relatable ARMY Reactions To BTS’s “IN THE SOOP” Second Official Teaser

Everyone relates to #2!

BTS has officially released their second official teaser video for their second season of “IN THE SOOP.” Check out some relatable reactions from fans below!

1. Jungkook’s unedited tattoos (featuring a massage for his hyung) in all their glory.

2. ARMYs can finally see V put his trumpet skills to the test!

3. J-Hope is certifiably hotter than the sun.

4. Jin becomes the definition of boyfriend material on set.

5. RM brings a little piece of ARMY with him wherever he goes!

6. Basketball star Suga is back and better than ever!

7. Name something more healing than this, I’ll wait.

8. ARMYs might have been on to something here!

9. Finally, here’s the MiniMoni content we deserve.

10. This is the pinnacle of happiness!

Watch the full teaser below!