5 Deleted BTS Instagram Posts That Prove The Internet Is Forever

Their delete game is strong, but ARMY is stronger.

Earlier this week, BTS opened personal Instagram accounts. Each member has been posting (and deleting) so much content that it’s hard to keep up! Here are 5 of their deleted posts.


1. Jungkook’s “I’m so bored” song

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, BTS must quarantine for ten days after returning from abroad. Jungkook sang about his boredom on Instagram, then deleted half of his story. Thankfully, ARMY saved the whole video!

2. Agust D’s trees

Suga deleted this scenic photo after realizing he had left the comment section open.

After fixing his settings, Suga posted a red square captioned, “Instagram is really hard :(.” Yes, yes it is!

3. V’s dive

V deleted this slow-motion video at the speed of light!

4. Jungkook’s MBTI

Jungkook deleted a post about his new MBTI results then reposted it as a story to better fit the Instagram “vibe.”

People told me you’re not supposed to upload these kinds of posts. What is the vibe of Instagram then?

[The caption above ISFP-T: “Adventurer.” The caption above INTP-T: “Logician.”]

— Jungkook

5. Squid Game

V posted photos of his Squid Game costume from BTS’s PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concert, but he later deleted the post.

V in his “Squid Game” outfit | @thv/ Instagram

Like Jungkook, he reposted his Squid Game look as an Instagram story, captioned, “What’s the Instagram vibe?

The Internet Is Forever