2 BTS Members Are Slaying Instagram…5 Are Just Trying To Survive It 

They’ll have to help each other!

For some people, learning a new app is easy. For others, it’s a struggle!

Jin | Samsung

On December 6th, BTS opened personal Instagram accounts. Since then, each member has had a totally different experience with the app.

RM is already mastering the app and spoiling followers with tons of new content. Most recently, he shared 20+ photos from his latest “Namjooning” trip at The Chinati Foundation.

Like RM, J-Hope doesn’t seem to be running into trouble with his account. From uploading captioned photos to experimenting with aesthetics, it’s been smooth sailing for ARMY’s sunshine.

On the other hand, VJiminSugaJin, and Jungkook have all faced a few challenges! Everything was going great for V…until he accidentally followed BLACKPINK‘s Jennie!

After that fiasco, V retreated to his safe space, Weverse, to explain what happened. (Who can blame him?)


Not Jimin, that’s for sure! Jimin logged into this tried and true app to talk about his own struggles.

Jimin: I’m heree

Jimin: You’re right, Insta is hard. That’s the truth. What you guys are thinking is correct.

Jimin: I would be better if I had used social media more before.

— Jimin

Jin and Suga have also experienced some technical difficulties. Jin reached out to his members to ask about the “like” button…

jwehope, but why do you press ‘like’ on instagram

does it mean ‘I like your writing/post’?

jwehope press the heart for mine

— Jin’s comment on J-Hope’s photo

…and Suga ran into problems with the comment settings. He appears to have accidentally left the comment section open on his first post, which he has since deleted.

After fixing his settings, Suga posted a red square captioned, “Instagram is really hard :(.”

As for Jungkook, it took him a hot minute to figure out Instagram’s “vibe.” He deleted a post about his new MBTI results and reposted it as a story. Now, he has the situation under control!

People told me you’re not supposed to upload these kinds of posts. What is the vibe of Instagram then?

[The caption above ISFP-T: “Adventurer.” The caption above INTP-T: “Logician.”]

— Jungkook

It might take practice, but all the members will master Instagram in no time! Already, they have millions of followers to support them every step of the way.

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