BTS’s “Soulmates” V And Jimin Get Savage On Instagram

Like the song says, “BFFs on one day, enemies on another…”

BTS‘s Jimin and have a brand new place to bicker, and they’re making the most of it!

V (left) and Jimin (right).

Today, all seven BTS members opened personal Instagram accounts ahead of their vacation. Jimin (@j.m) launched his account with a stylish selfie from BTS’s “Butter” era.

V, on the other hand, is expressing two different sides of his personality. So far, we have seen Vante, V’s sophisticated inner artist…

…and the mischievous Weverse king, best known for his vanishing selfies

| @thv/Instagram

…and thirst traps!

Caption: heoheoheoheo (laughter)

— V’s first Instagram story

In many ways, Jimin and V are complete opposites, but over the years they’ve overcome their differences to become best friends. That said, they never miss a chance to mess with each other!

On V’s photo of “Dooly the Baby Dinosaur,” Jimin poked fun at his own height in the comments. He wrote, “[The baby] is still probably bigger than I am, right?”

V’s response was pure sass! He replied, “Wait, that’s not you?”  

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