BTS Suga’s Delete Game Is Strong, But ARMY Is Stronger

The internet is forever.

BTS‘s members have all opened personal Instagram accounts, and long story short, ARMY will never know peace again.


It’s already a challenge to keep track of updates on TwitterV LIVEWeverseYouTubeFacebook, and (occasionally) TikTok, so why not add one more platform to the mix?

| Run BTS!/Weverse 

BTS is just beginning to explore Instagram, but already the members are using it in different ways. In particular, fans noticed one thing that distinguished Suga’s account from the rest.

The rest of BTS only allows comments from each other, but Suga left the comments open for ARMYs too. (They were very excited about it, too!)

Unfortunately, this free-for-all was short-lived. While his members were uploading new stories and photos, Suga quietly deleted his only post.

A moment of silence, please, for Suga stans everywhere.

While you’re waiting for Suga’s next post, why not check in with the rest of the hyung line?

BTS’s Hyung Liners Are Using Instagram In Totally Different Ways

The Internet Is Forever