BTS’s Hyung Liners Are Using Instagram In Totally Different Ways

Same app, different feels!

BTS‘s hyung liners (RMJinSuga, and J-Hope) are taking four different approaches to using their new Instagram accounts!


RM (@rkive) is a nature lover who loves to go “Namjooning” in his free time. Naturally, he started his Instagram account by posting a selfie by the sea, followed by a snap from BTS’s PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concerts.

In this post, captioned “finding yoongi” RM combines Namjooning with comedy. While adventuring, RM snapped a photo of Suga, aka ARMY’s favorite kitty, in cat form.

RM hasn’t posted a story yet, but fans are already predicting what he has planned.

RM found Suga, but can ARMY? After posting this snapshot of a tree, he peaced out of the app. No captions, no nonsense — but there were comments!

Unlike the rest of BTS, who only allow comments from each other, Suga left his comments open for ARMYs…before suddenly deleting the post!  What is he up to?

Some Instagram users like to post glam shots, but Worldwide Handsome is all about keeping it real. So far, Jin (@jin) has shared photos of himself cosplaying as the doll from Squid Game, making-of photos from his “Super Tuna” MV, and a behind-the-scenes shot with Jungkook from Agust D‘s “Daechwita” MV.

Unlike some of his members, Jin is still figuring out the app’s basics. How does the “like” button work, exactly?

jwehope, but why do you press ‘like’ on instagram

does it mean ‘I like your writing/post’?

jwehope press the heart for mine

— Jin’s comment on J-Hope’s photo

J-Hope‘s username, @uarmyhope), is a shoutout to ARMY. One might expect this bubbly ball of sunshine to post bright and colorful photos, but J-Hope’s aesthetic is all moody blues. It gives him an air of mystery…

…and Jin has some opinions about it! On this ghostly post, Jin playfully wrote, “jwehope dont upload strange pictures.”

Check out what BTS’s youngest members are up to:

BTS’s Maknae Liners Are Using Instagram In Totally Different Ways

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