It’s Official: ARMYs Are Obsessed With BTS J-Hope’s Side By Side Mini Bag For These 10+ Reasons

#5 has fans excited!

BTS J-Hope‘s new merch item, the “Side by Side” Mini Bag, is all the rage among ARMYs. Check out some of the reasons fans are obsessed with it below!

| @HYBE_MERCH/Twitter

1. Each one is completely unique.

Due to the acid wash design, no two are the same!

2. The meaning is about being “side by side” with J-Hope.

It’s so sentimental!

3. It’s inclusive for different body types.

With adjustable straps, all kinds of body shapes can rock the bag!

4. There’s a personal touch with J-Hope’s own handwriting.

You can feel the love through the adorable tag that says, “Made by Hope.”

5. It’s completely customizable to your own personality.

Make it your own with badges, keychains, and more!

6. It actually holds way more than you might expect!

Both the bag and the front pouch are bigger than you think and can hold all of your stuff.

7. It’s personal to J-Hope.

He created something that he genuinely loves so he can use it, too.

8. Comfort is a priority.

The shoulder pad helps keep the bag super comfy for all day use.

9. Because of his experience, he knows what will work best.

He optimized everything, making it both super cute and functional!

10. The chain detail gives it a little something extra.

If anyone knows about style, it’s J-Hope!

11. He designed it with ARMYs in mind.

From the sentimental meanings to the effort he put into it, he did his best for the fans.

12. It will make you think of him…

…and thinking of J-Hope will instantly bring you happiness!


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