BTS J-Hope’s Latest Playlist: 8 Great Songs To Add To Your Own

Here are all the songs from J-Hope’s birthday broadcast.

BTS‘s J-Hope celebrated his birthday with ARMY by holding a live broadcast. In it, he listened to music, talked about his birthday gift from Jin, and more. If you’re looking for new music, J-Hope’s playlist is the place to start!

1. Sasha Sloan – “Too Sad To Cry”

2. Sasha Sloan – “Smiling When I Die”

3. Jeremy Zucker, Chelsea Cutler – “you were good to me”

4. Selena Gomez – “Lose You To Love Me”

5. Gracie Abrams – “Stay”

6. Halsey – “You Should be sad”

7. Billie Eilish – “everything i wanted”

8. BTS – “Outro: EGO”

Of course, no BTS member’s playlist would be complete without at least one BTS song!