BTS’s J-Hope Is The Hottest Visual In New HD “Arson” Behind-The-Scenes Photos

These show every side of him!

BTS‘s J-Hope just dropped some exclusive behind-the-scenes photos on Weverse of his time spent on the set of the “Arson” music video. Check them out below!

1. On set

During the one-take shoot, J-Hope gives 110% effort to create the perfect shot.

2. Monitoring

Not even the exploding cars are as hot as J-Hope when he’s focusing!

3. Action

For his first scene, J-Hope looked pristine in his white jumpsuit and wet hair.

4. Let’s burn

J-Hope went for a shocking look in the second half, rocking scary makeup that makes it look as if he was burned by the fire.

5. It’s done

Standing in front of the aftermath of the set, J-Hope decides to let the fire burn even brighter.

Source: Weverse