BTS’s J-Hope Gains Attention For His 2013 Boyfriend Material Visuals — Here Are 10+ Photos Every ARMY Should See

Once a visual, always a visual! 😍

Recently, photos of BTS‘s J-Hope from 2013 have been gaining attention among ARMYs for his handsome visuals since the very beginning. Check out 10+ pics of him from the iconic era that everyone should get to see!

1. His profile has been flawless since day one!

2. Sleeveless J-Hope is a blessing.

3. This lucky ARMY experienced his sexy gaze in real life.

4. His smile is so pure.

5. He knows what he does to fans!

6. He’s just too handsome!

7. Sending love to every ARMY out there.

8. It’s no wonder V thought he was the visual.

9. He has model-like proportions.

10. “Swag J-Hope” is seriously the cutest.

11. He’s sooo squishy.

12. 2013 era J-Hope makes his stans weak.

13. Is he a puppy or a human?

14. He was 19 years old, but you would think he’s a baby!

15. Who wants the return of BTS’s eyeliner?

16. Jung Hoseok is the standard.

17. Beanie Hobi superiority!

18. Once you fall for him, there’s no escape!

19. If you were a fan since 2013, you’re lucky!

20. Growing up with him is the best. 💜

Recently, J-Hope brought back a legendary look from 2013! Check out the full story below.

BTS’s J-Hope Brings Back His Debut Hairstyle And Everyone Is Obsessed


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