11 Things You Never Noticed About BTS J-Hope’s Footwork That Will Show You Why He’s A Dance Pro

Once you notice #7, you can’t unsee it!

BTS‘s J-Hope is known for his insane dance skills from head to toe — literally! Like a true professional, J-Hope incorporates precise footwork into all of his dances. Whether it’s a choreographed performance or a freestyle dance in the practice room, he gives it his all. Check out 11 times below when ARMY were entertained simply watching his feet dance!

1. J-Hope shows off his cool footwork even during non-choreographed moments.

Check out his moves during “For Youth.”

2. The way he steps with his heel first during “Permission To Dance” shows his immense body control.

He can be gentle and then quickly become powerful without looking sloppy.

3. The opening of “Mic Drop” is a classic.

You might be so focused on his silhouette that you miss his feet — but check out how he uses them!

4. Fans go crazy for his “broken ankle” choreography.

Not only did he do this on 3J’s “Butter” dance performance, he also incorporated it into his 2014 Gayo Daechukje solo dance practice.

5. His verse in “ON” showcases some of the most particular footwork.

This is a dance that needs an extreme level of precision to perform!

6. When talking about footwork, you can’t leave out the iconic 3:33 choreography from “Fire.”

In this dance, his legs are working at lightspeed to nail every step.

7. “Just Dance” shows off his signature swag, which means plenty of precise footwork!

He uses it whether he’s moving from side to side…

…or walking backwards!

8. It matches the pace of his dancing.

Check out how he slows up and speeds down according to his own pace.

9. Even during “Yet to Come,” he makes it fun with some funky footwork!

He uses every part of his body to express the song’s emotions.

10. Freestyling shows his quick thinking skills.

It’s always satisfying to watch!

11. It’s extremely difficult to be this quick and precise while dancing!

However, it’s all in a day’s work for J-Hope!


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