Here Are 12 Of BTS J-Hope’s Hottest Moments That Live In Our Minds Rent-Free

Nobody was ready for #4! 🔥

Whether he’s on or offstage, BTS‘s J-Hope is full of sexy charisma! Check out some of his hottest moments below that made everyone fall for him instantly.

BTS’s J-Hope | @uarmyhope/Instagram

1. We can never forget when he emerged for “UGH!” during Yet to Come in Busan.

2. Nobody can survive that part of “Baepsae.”

3. He knows exactly what to do to make fans go crazy!

4. His body waves are flawless.

5. He brushed his hair back…and nobody was the same.

6. This shirtless moment will be forever imprinted in ARMY’s minds.

7. He looked so handsome at the WKorea Halloween party!

8. He always sits like this…and it’s totally hot.

9. You can never have enough shirtless Hobi!

10. The man you are today, J-Hope!

11. He killed the “Rush Hour” dance.

12. Last but certainly not least, every single moment of Hobipalooza!


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