3 Times BTS’s J-Hope Spoke About His Past Love Life And His Ideal Type

He revealed what he looks for in a girl.

Many of the BTS members have spoken about relationships, including J-Hope who discussed his love life, ideal type, and more.

1. The Story Of His Ex-Girlfriend

J-Hope talked about his ex-girlfriend during an episode of BTS’s Rookie King.

When she left him for someone else, J-Hope revealed how Dynamic Duo’s song “Solo” comforted him.

His nostalgic smile shows the precious memory meant a lot to him!

2. Ideal Type Qualities

J-Hope has named various qualities that he looks for in a girl and has even stated that personality is more important than looks for him.

He’s also stated his ideal match is a girl who takes care of others well and is good at cooking…

…as well as someone who’s interested in books and likes to think a lot.

Lastly, she would only pay attention to him and look at nobody else!

3. Celebrity Examples Of His Ideal Type

J-Hope has named a wide variety of celebrities that have caught his eye. From gorgeous American actress Amanda Seyfried

| E! News/YouTube

…to his interest in Korean fitness model Shim Euddeum

| @euddeume_/Instagram

…to American singer and songwriter Tinashe!

| @BTS_twt/Twiter

If J-Hope likes you, you’re one lucky girl!