Here’s Everything We Know About BTS J-Hope’s Next Mixtape So Far

He revealed secrets about his new music.

ARMYs have been eagerly waiting for BTS J-Hope‘s second mixtape ever since the release of Hope World in 2018. Check out 10 secrets he recently revealed about what fans can expect from his upcoming music!

1. He’s taking things in a different direction than last time.

In order to branch out as an artist and widen the spectrum of music he creates, he revealed that he’s trying a different style from his previous mixtape.

Until now, I wrote many happy and bright songs, but this time I wanted to write some intense songs. So, I’m working on that direction now.

— J-Hope

2. He already produced a ton of songs during the pandemic.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, he revealed he had much more time to create music and as a result, created an abundance of songs. While some songs might become BTS’s music, such as “Dis-ease,” many are candidates to become his own mixtape tracks.

3. He’s putting an emphasis on maturity.

During an interview with Rolling Stone, J-Hope discussed how his primary goal at the moment was just to keep making music for his mixtape, and that he thinks it will be more mature this time.

Right now, the goal is to get inspired and make good music. Nothing is decided yet, so I’m just going to keep working on music. I think my style of music will not greatly change, but I think it will be more mature.

— J-Hope

Later on, he confirmed this during a live broadcast and promised fans that they can expect something “intense.”

I want to write songs that are intense, but at the same time, mature.

— J-Hope

4. He believes he was “naive” while creating Hope World.

After releasing the full version of his song “Blue Side,” J-Hope posted an introspective blog post looking back at his previous self that had originally written in the song in as early as 2015.

Back then, I think I was in a rush to let everyone hear my music. So I let creativity take over and let my body do whatever it wanted to do. I remember, I wrote whatever came to mind as it did.

— J-Hope

5. However, he’s still inspired by his previous mixtape for the same reason.

While he wants to improve upon the parts he found “naive,” he also looks to it as a source of inspiration from a simpler time.

Now that I listen and look back, I feel a little embarrassed about it. Haha. But I know that the courage and the mindset I had back then is what led to the birth of the mixtape that is Hope World.

Sometimes I miss those times. The times when I was an innocent boy, putting out string of music about whatever was on my mind.

— J-Hope

6. He likes to try new things and challenge himself.

J-Hope wants to push his limits and become a well-rounded arist, plus he enjoys keeping things fresh by switching it up.

7. He’s doing it on his own terms.

During a live stream in 2019, he discussed how released his first mixtape inspired him and gave him some motivation. However, he’s in no rush to crank it out ASAP and would rather do it “comfortably.”

When I release my next project, I want to do it comfortably. Hope World gave me a lot of strength.

— J-Hope

8. He’s worried about not meeting expectations.

As a perfectionist, J-Hope only wants to release his best work. In his own eyes, following up his previous mixtape gives him added pressure.

9. He’s telling all kinds of stories through his music.

J-Hope told Rolling Stone, “I will try to contain stories that I really want to tell in the second mixtape.” Additionally, he revealed the length he goes to to incorporate all of his feelings into his music.

I want to start with that frame [of incorporating the feelings, emotions, and messages that I want to portray] and add substance to it and create one perfect and sound ‘person.’

— J-Hope

10. Whatever he does, he gives 110% effort.

J-Hope pours all of his passion into his craft…and you can expect all of his time and effort to go into making his new mixtape the best it can be! When an ARMY recently asked him why hadn’t gone to bed yet, he responded with a diligent answer.

I was doing work *bak bak

*T/N: Slang for daebak (meaning great/awesome)

— J-Hope

| Weverse

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