5+ Must-See Moments From BTS J-Hope’s Potentially Last Weverse Live Before Enlistment

Don’t go, Hobi!

BTS‘s J-Hope held a live broadcast via Weverse, and ARMYs believe he will soon enlist, especially since he mentioned it during the Weverse Live. So, it might be his last for a little while.

Here are 5+ must-see moments from J-Hope’s Weverse Live.

1. Don’t go, J-Hope…

2. Teasing Jimin’s solo album

3. Date night with J-Hope

4. Kisses from our boyfriend

5. Not @ J-Hope calling an ARMY sister-in-law

6. His sweet goodbye

Check out moments from his previous live broadcast below.

5+ Must-See Moments From BTS J-Hope’s “On The Street” Live Broadcast


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