10 Times BTS J-Hope’s Natural, Barefaced Visuals Made Him Boyfriend Material

BRB, dreaming of #6.

BTS‘s J-Hope is known for his ability to take “boyfriend material” photos. Check out some of his best casual looks and off-stage moments that make it easy to imagine being right there with him!

1. No one will ever forget this day when he was sleepy.

Fluffy J-Hope is superior!

2. He looks best in his natural habitat: Dancing!

The tanktop also does him justice.

3. He has the cutest chubby cheeks.

How to resist the urge to squish them?!

4. Did we already say that sleepy J-Hope just hits different?

This is the pinnacle of boyfriend material.

5. When he’s reading a book in his pajamas, it’s easy to imagine hanging out with him.

Just a chill night in with Bae.

6. You can expect long hours lounging at his studio.

It’s okay because watching him work is the best part!

7. Going on vacation with him would be a blast.

Exploring new cities on tour is the dream.

8. Imagine looking at this handsome face all day.

Yes, please!

9. There’s something about natural, casual J-Hope that we just can’t describe.

Is it his charisma, good looks, or a combination of both?

10. Whatever it is, we’ve fallen for him and we can’t get up!

ARMYs are smitten with him — and understandably so!