7 Things You Might Have Missed In BTS J-Hope’s “All New Hope” Photo-folio Teaser

We’re not ready for #4! 🔥

BTS J-Hope‘s teaser for “Me, Myself, and j-hope ‘All New Hope’” Photo-folio has just been released and has given us a bunch of clues of what we can expect. Check out some of the things you might have missed from the teaser below!

1. He’s totally switching things up.

With a name like “All New Hope,” we can prepare ourselves for something he’s never done. “I want to get rid of the colorful and street-like vibe that I’ve been showing until now,” J-Hope says.

This means we can expect the opposite of his “Hope-boy who loved ARMY” photoshoot. Think less color and more edginess!

2. His hat might look familiar.

J-Hope is using some new accessories to enhance the photoshoot.

It might remind you of BTS’s iconic “Dynamite” dance break during the 2020 Melon Music Awards! With accessories like this, J-Hope brings out his charismatic side.

3. Expect danger.

He mentioned a dangerous looking posing, dangerous machine, fire, and rocks blowing up — All in a span of a few seconds. Be careful, Hobi!

4. Get ready for tons of duality.

As he suggested with light and dark purple shades of hair, we might see both his ethereal side and dark side.

5. The teaser photos so far show his dark and charismatic vision.

Here’s a sneak peek of what we can expect!

6. He’s using his body.

We’ll leave this up to your own interpretation!

7. You may have a reaction similar to the BTS members.

Standing up off your chair and screaming is completely normal.

Watch the full teaser below!

For a full overview, read more about what we can expect from J-Hope’s Photo-folio below.

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