“Worth Calling A Pictorial”: First Look Into BTS J-Hope’s Curation Of His “All New Hope” Photo-folio

The teaser gave some interesting sneak peeks!

The teaser of BTS J-Hope‘s upcoming photofolio, Me, Myself, & J-Hope “All New Hope” just dropped on the group’s official YouTube channel, BANGTANTV. The video gave away a few hints for what to expect from the project and showed how J-Hope curated the concepts with the creative team.

A New Image

During the discussion about the photoshoot themes, the BTS rapper explained that he likes the thrill of trying new things and experiencing the results. He expressed that he wants to reinvent himself and show a different side of him that his fans might have never seen before.

I wanted to shoot a pictorial that’s worth calling a pictorial. I wanted to get rid of the colorful and street-like vibe that I’ve been showing until now.


“Dangerous-looking” Concepts

While deciding on the shots and setup, the word J-hope uttered the most was “dangerous.” From the pose to the props, he seemed to be inclined on curating a darker vibe in his photos.

A brief clip showed him posing on a lopsided wooden plank, which did look pretty “dangerous” per se. He also talked about using fire and explosion-like visuals for the shoot, while emphasizing that he would also like to use his body to create the desired effects.

New Hair Color

J-Hope mentioned dying his hair in a light purple color for the photoshoot.

Grunge Styling

The rapper also curated his looks for the pictorial down to every single detail. For his outfit, he seemed to prefer black leather-based items with a baggy fit.

For accessories, he was seen sporting chunky silver necklaces, belts, and rings.

J-Hope also tried on several statement hats, that complemented his overall black-and-silver look.

Being the perfectionist he is, J-Hope has evidently put in a lot of thought and consideration into making this photofolio something he can be proud of. Needless to say, the teaser has done its job, making ARMYs restless to see the results of his hard work.


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