Here Are 5 Reasons Why BTS’s J-Hope Is Basically A Prince

#1 alone will have you convinced he was born in a fairytale.

BTS‘s J-Hope has a pure and angelic charm that’s pretty much not of this world…and if you’re anything like ARMYs, you might start to believe he’s actually a prince from a fairytale. Check out the 5 reasons below that will convince you that explanation might be onto something!

1. He bows like a prince.

J-Hope always makes sure to thank his fans in the most precious way.


Nicknamed his “prince bow,” he always thanks ARMYs for their support in this adorable way.

It’s just so him!

2. His smile is like royalty.

As a prince, you should have a million-dollar smile.

Luckily, J-Hope has that covered!

Even when he isn’t beaming with his bright smile, he still glows from within!

3. He’s always polite and respectful.

J-Hope is known for always being humble and kind to everyone.

He never forgets to thank the staff for everything they do and appreciate those around him at all times.

He even left a lasting impression on a BTS World app programmer with his polite and genuine personality.

J-Hope is polite from head to toe. He’s super friendly too, so he calls the staff his “hyung-nims” and gets along with them well.

BTS World App Programmer

Despite being so amazing, he never lets any of it go to his head!

4. He looks good in formal wear.

Certainly, a prince must be able to pull off a suit.

Business casual? Check.

As a matter of fact, he can rock just about anything, including turtlenecks, classy vests, sweaters, and more.

| Weverse

5. His visuals are just prince-like.

It goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway.


Tall, handsome, and cute…

…he’s got it all!