Here’s What A BTS World App Developer Had To Say About J-Hope’s True Personality

He’s amazing.

A K-ARMY posted their experience of meeting a BTS World app developer who had personal interactions with the members themselves. According to OP, the developer revealed some inside information on J-Hope‘s true personality…and it might make ARMYs fall even more in love with him.

J-Hope is polite from head to toe. He’s super friendly too, so he calls the staff his “hyung-nims” and gets along with them well.

— OP

This might come as no surprise to ARMY who see J-Hope constantly greeting and thanking staff — and you can even hear him refer to one of the staff members as “hyung-nim” in BTS’s docuseries, Break The Silence.

He’s a smart guy who is super quick and keen to catch things.

— OP

J-Hope’s serious and professional side emerges when he’s working. He’s passionate about sharpening his skills and doesn’t mess around when it’s time to focus! No mistakes make it past his line of sight when he’s monitoring BTS’s performances.

The longer they see J-Hope, the more they realize what a true man he is.

— OP

ARMYs know that J-Hope’s cool masculine aura is totally heart-fluttering. It shines when he’s looking out for the others, focusing on his work, and being his natural self!

These compliments about J-Hope help confirm his amazing character. He’s definitely the golden hyung!

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