11 Must-See Moments From BTS J-Hope’s Last Weverse Live Before Enlisting In The Military

Looking forward to #7. πŸ’œ

BTS‘s J-Hope just held a Weverse live to greet ARMY before his enlisting in the military on April 18. Check out some of the things he talked about below.

1. He revealed that Jin calls him once a day.

It’s a great feeling to know that he receives great advice and comfort from the eldest.

2. He gave ARMY some of his signature warm hugs.

He always knows how to make us smile!

3. Of course, there was a little bit of flirting.

ARMY: “Oppa, want to be my boyfriend for 100 years?”

JH:Β “Wow.. are you confident?*” *Swigs water* [*T/N: Similar meaning to “Do you have what it takes?”]

4. We’re marking the calendars for October 17, 2024.

‘I’m waiting for Hobi’s discharge date on October 17, 2024.’ October 17, right. I’ll be back.

— J-Hope

5. We don’t have to worry about Hobi eating well!

He loves Korean food, so he’s all set.

6. He’s lowkey excited for this new chapter.

It will be a change of pace from his current life and give him new life lessons and challenges to overcome.

7. He always promises to visit every once in a while.

We can look forward to his updates!

Like Jin hyung who comes on once in a while, if I’m able to, I’ll come visit as well.

— J-Hope

8. He recently spent some quality time with Jungkook and V.

We love seeing them hang out.

9. He didn’t want to turn off the live.

We didn’t want to see him leave, either!

Why don’t I want to turn off the live today..
I hate turning off live

— J-Hope

10. He gave us a very important message.

Of course, nobody would ever forget him!

Don’t forget Hobi~ I love you

— J-Hope

11. Everyone was emotional by the end.

ARMYs everywhere are sobbing.


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