12 Moments From BTS Jimin’s Birthday Livestream That You Need To See

He was so cute when he did #4! 😍

BTS‘s Jimin just celebrated his 27th (28th according to the Korean age system) birthday with the help of his beloved ARMY! During his livestream, he celebrated by building LEGO flowers, showing off his adorable cake, and revealing some of his brand new photofolio. Check out some of the best moments below!

1. Jimin cutely poked his head in the frame to say bye!

2. He showed off his adorable cake that looked just like him.

3. He had a little “Happy Birthday” sing along.

4. Jimin was in awe at how ARMY create comments that look like this.

5. His tongue might have made a quick appearance that left everyone shook.

6. He casually went through his photobook and showed us…for free.

7. He made the most gorgeous flowers and “gave” them to ARMY.

8. He looked so cute when he swept his hair back with his glasses!

9. The stuff he didn’t show us in the photobook might haunt us, especially with this reaction!

10. The thumbnail of the livestream that Jimin chose left fans cracking up.

11. He teased up with a ponytail for .2 seconds.

12. Reading a comment that called him “Baby Mochi”


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