Just 5+ GIFs To Show How BTS’s Jimin Doesn’t Waste A Single Second On Stage

Spin, spin, spin, land!

One of BTS Jimin‘s many nicknames includes “Stage Genius” — and that comes from the fact that Jimin does not waste a single second on stage while he’s performing. He makes sure each and every movement he makes is flawless and meaningful. That means, even when he’s simply changing formations, he is thinking about how he can get to his position in the most graceful way ever. Here are 5+ GIFs that captured Jimin’s magical twirls mid-choreography.

1. Slick twirls to the front of the line

2. Like the most graceful swan in the lake

3. Talk about a dramatic exit

4. Making it on big, smooth movement

5. Spinnin’ outta here

6. What a scene stealer all the time

7. Reporting to duty like-

8. How to avoid running into someone

Source: Twitter and THEQOO