BTS’s Jimin’s Favorite Love Language Is Physical Touch And Here’s Undeniable Proof

#17’s got us wishing that were us 😭

BTS‘s Jimin has already been confirmed as a certified romantic. He’s just posted to Weverse sharing that he was watching the Nicholas Sparks classic The Notebook for the seventh time.

| @piecesofmind_jm/Twitter

This wouldn’t be the first time Jimin mentioned The Notebook.

The romantic film was mentioned as one of his favorite movies as it helps inspire him to show the same kind of emotions and deep love for ARMYs.

It’s only fitting then to think about Jimin’s love languages. Jimin’s always been one of the touchier members, and these 20 gifs show just how much Jimin loves physical touch!

1. concert hugs are the best hugs

2. back hugs for suga

3. little monkey Jimin

4. consolation hug

5. hugs for suga hyung

6. bestie hugs are the best

7. hugs for the oldest

8. hugs for the oldest pt.2

9. did we mention concert hugs are the best hugs?

10. Jimin’s fav place: Jungkook’s back

11. all smiles and hugs for a pre-concert Jiminssi

12. once a roomie, always a roomie <3

13. comforting your bestie

14. VLIVE hugs

15. holding hands with Suga

16. holding hands with V

17. holding hands with ARMY

18. CEO of hugs

19. Hobi will get a hug whether he wants one or not!

20. casual hugs for bff Tae

If that didn’t convince you that Jimin’s favorite love language is physical touch then we don’t know what will! Read more about Jimin’s romantic heart below.

It’s Official: BTS’s Jimin Is A Certified Romantic