Allure Korea Picks BTS Jimin’s Top 10 Hair Colors Of All Time

All ARMY were obsessed with #7! 😍

Recently, Allure Korea walked ARMY through some of BTS Jimin‘s most iconic hair colors over the years. From warm to cool colors, he proves he is one of the few people who looks good in every color he tries! Check out some of his best looks they chose below.

1. Orange

Jimin’s orange hair made him an instant stan attractor towards the end of 2015 when BTS released “Run.” During 2015 MBC Gayo Daejejeon, Jimin sported the unique look during BTS’s cover of Shinhwa‘s “Perfect Man” where fans fell in love.

2. Pastel Pink

Jimin became a human cherry blossom with pastel pink hair during BTS’s release of “Spring Day” in 2017.

3. Bubblegum Pink

In 2019, he reinvented his pink hair by opting for a vibrant tone instead of his previous pastel color. It’s no wonder why Jimin was named as the “male idol who looks best with pink hair” from fans during this time!

4. Ash

Whether you refer to this hair color as ash, blonde, or silver, this gorgeous hair color isn’t easy for some people to pull off! Without any yellow or red tones, Jimin still suited the stunning hair color that complimented his skin tone.

5. Purple

During “Dynamite” in 2020, Jimin went for a pastel shade of muted purple. With one look at this hairstyle, he proves he is perfectly suited for cool-toned colors!

6. Dark Turquoise

Jimin pulls off so many different hair colors that he cemented his title as a “tone destroyer!” During 2020, he rocked this color in his own style.

7. Raspberry Red

Jimin wowed fans with his charismatic charms in a deep shade of raspberry red. Some fans were reminded of his bright red hair during “Dope” era in 2015.

8. Gold

Jimin paired his gold hair with the same color lenses to emphasize his mysterious and dreamy vibe.

9. Unicorn

Jimin’s multi-colored hair featured a mix of pastel blue, purple, pink, and yellow, earning him the title of “unicorn” and “cotton candy” from fans!

10. Black

Returning back to a mix of black and brown after consistently bleaching his hair, Jimin shows a more mature and classic side of himself.

Source: Allure Korea


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