10+ Times BTS’s Jimin Laughed So Hard, He Disappeared From The Screen

#3 was so fast!

Don’t let BTS‘s Jimin laugh too hard or you just might lose him! His endearing habit of going off camera every time he laughs never fails to leave ARMYs in stitches. Check out 10+ hilarious times he giggled his way right off the screen!

1. Hobi’s going to have to pick Jimin up off the floor!

2. He shrunk at the speed of light.

3. Hold onto your Jimin during interviews so you don’t lose him!

4. Even fansigns aren’t safe.

5. During a live broadcast, he might just collapse off the screen.

6. There he goes.

7. Bye, Jimin!

8. He tried to keep it together but just couldn’t.

9. Really, where does he go?

10. Jimin’s laugh is a boost of serotonin.

11. Is he being pulled off-screen?

12. Even the captions acknowledge that Jimin always disappears when he laughs.

13. This habit is just so Jimin.

14. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it!

15. Even his laughter brings happiness to ARMYs. 💜