5+ Details You Might Have Missed The First Time While Watching BTS Jimin’s “Like Crazy” MV

There are so many references to the movie of the same name too!

BTS‘s Jimin released his solo album FACE with its title track “Like Crazy” along with a MV. As always, Jimin proved himself to be keen to detail.

So, here are 5+ details you might not have noticed the first time while watching his MV…

1. The bathroom walls include “SET ME FREE,” “wake,” “moon,” and “night” graffiti and many stickers (VANS, the band QUEEN, Thrasher, and band The Kinks just to name a few).

Jimin | HYBE LABELS/YouTube

1. the top of a Harley Davidson panhead sticker (motorcycle)

2. a sticker of The Exploited’s logo (punk rock band)

3. a Thrasher magazine sticker

4. a sticker of the Deadmau5′s logo (DJ)

5. the bottom of an asphalt assault sticker (motorcycle)

6. a Harley Davidson sticker (motorcycle)

7. a “Ride to live, live to ride” sticker (motorcycle)

8. a Hot Wheels sticker (mechanic)

9. a “Vans off the wall” sticker (skateboarding shoes)

10. a sticker of The Kinks’ logo (rock band)

11. a sticker of Queen’s logo (rock band)

12. a biohazard zombie skull sticker (punk culture)

13. a car service garage sticker (mechanic)

14. a retro garage sticker (mechanic)

— @Sub_versi0n/Twitter


2. The girl is Jimin’s reflection.

3. So, the hand that pulled Jimin was also his own…

4. The man’s picture on Jimin’s pants is of Robert Mapplethorpe, a gay photographer known for his controversial sexual art

5. The title is a nod to the 2011 American romance drama film Like Crazy, which Jimin said he was inspired by.

6. The video begins and ends with dialogues also inspired by the film rather than directly taken from it. Voice actors Shelby Young and Joe Brodie imitated the original actors.

7. The club scene mirrors that of the film Like Crazy.

8. Jimin’s inclusion of a chair might also be due to Like Crazy. 

9. The subtle appearance of water might be a reference to the final scene in Like Crazy.

Read more about the film references below.

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Did you catch any more details we might have missed?