10 Spiciest Moments From BTS Jimin’s “Like Crazy” STUDIO CHOOM Performance

Try not to be jealous of #2! 🔥

BTS‘s Jimin recently appeared for the first time on STUDIO CHOOM’s YouTube channel in promotion of his solo album, FACE. Performing his title track “Like Crazy,” fans were in for a surprise with his charismatic and sexy performance! Check out some of the best moments from the video below.

1. This “underwater” feeling in the introduction

You might recognize this type of imagery from the music video.

2. This moment with a female dancer

Suddenly, we’re all aspiring to become professional dancers.

3. His impressive flexibility

It’s even harder than it looks.

4. Dancing with his reflection

This part is totally mesmerizing.

5. The iconic dance during the chorus

It’s so addicting to watch.

6. This hip move

It’s definitely a fan favorite!

7. The female dancers pushing Jimin around

It helps to convey the story of the song.

8. His expressions and sharp dance moves

As expected from Jimin!

9. The girls leaving at the end

It ends in heartbreak.

10. Jimin’s close-up shot at the very last moment

He’s such a visual king!

Check out the full video below.


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