20 Moments Of BTS’s Jimin To Get ARMY Through The Jimin Drought

#5 is so chaotic. 🤣

If you miss BTS‘s Jimin, you’re not alone! ARMY are doing their best to get through the “Jimin drought.” Actually, he didn’t go anywhere — He’s just busy preparing some future music. For now, during his lack of updates, check out some of the best, cutest, and funniest moments below that will fulfill your dose of Jimin-tonin!

1. When he confirmed this GIF of himself was cute during Run BTS!

2. When he was basically an ARMY and fanboyed over BTS’s concert VCR

3. When he was too cute during flying yoga and popped in and out of frame

4. When he gave the most special birthday gift to Jin: Himself!

5. When he fell off his chair and said “The sky is so beautiful”

6. When he hilariously gave Suga the “Normal Award” in his iconic voice

7. When he got excited over baby shoes and thought about having his own kids one day

8. When he did a little dance during practice and was too cool

9. When he was touched by ARMY’s birthday surprise for him during Yet to Come in Busan

10. When he showed his skills during a dance battle on American Hustle Life

11. When he confessed his love for cheese balls

12. When he did this stunning performance of “Black Swan” with Jungkook during 2020 MMA

13. When he got his cheeks squished

14. When he got angry trying to open jelly and scolded it

15. When he showed off his soccer skills

16. When his hiding spot was exposed during a livestream

17. When he said this 

18. When he forgot Son Heung Min’s name and BTS went crazy

19. When he made this wake up call for his future girlfriend

20. When Jimin unapologetically flirted with ARMY


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