5+ Details You Might Not Have Noticed The First Time While Watching BTS Jimin’s “Set Me Free Pt.2” MV

Did you catch all these details the first time?

BTS‘s Jimin has released the MV for his anticipated song “Set Me Free Pt.2!”

We knew it would be phenomenal, but many moments still shocked us. If you’re still trying to process, check out 5+ details and references you might not have noticed the first time while watching the MV…

1. The choreography and lyrics are connected.

2. It mirrors Jimin’s previous solo song “Lie” from BTS’s second studio album Wings.

3. The line “Going insane to stay sane” is nearly identical to the lyrics from “ON.”

4. Jimin loses clothes and accessories in the MV, representing his path to freedom.




5. All of Jimin’s tattoos

6. The body tattoo is actually a German poem, Ich Lebe mein Leben in wachsenden Ringen, written by Rainer Maria Rilke in the late 1800s.


You can check out the translations below…

| @inthesoopkoo/Twitter


7. The poem also connects to the cover art for Jimin’s album FACE.

8. Jimin and his dancers make a shape that arguably appears to be the golden ratio pattern or the Fibonacci sequence…

9. The number of backup dancers is 31, which is 13 in reverse, a significant number to Jimin.

10. You can see a lot of similarities to previous music videos, and it’s intentional. Director Oui Kim actually directed “Interlude : Shadow,” too.

11. And the moral of the story is…

Did you notice any more details? Let us know!